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Stormer died July 10 after an unspecified yearlong illness, according to an obituary posted on the website of the McCoy-Blossom Funeral Home in Troy, Mo. A spokeswoman for the funeral home confirmed the details from the website. In , Stormer had a religious reawakening. For years, he ran weekly Bible study sessions for Missouri state legislators. He was born in Altoona, Penn.

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About Us. The far-right John Birch Society was among the groups spreading the book around. Communists, Mr. Stormer wrote, were bent on infiltrating the American government and had largely succeeded, as evidenced by American and United Nations economic support for Communist countries.

Stormer wrote. The conspiracy, he claimed, was also seeking to undermine Christianity, the American education system and more. Unions and the news media were enablers, he said, as were charitable foundations. Millions of copies of the book ended up in circulation, although not as a result of people stampeding to the bookstores.

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John Anthony Stormer was born on Feb. Stormer was editing an electronics magazine in when he attended a conservative conference in Washington whose speakers included Goldwater and Walter Judd, a United States representative from Minnesota known for his anti-Communism. Not holding out much hope that a mainstream publisher would be interested, he took an unusual approach to publication.

Like many Americans of the day, Stormer perceived a world in which traditional American values were in transition while a new superpower arose Eurasia, and connected the two in an ideology of anti-Communism. Stormer's book reflects this strong belief in conservative Christian John Stormer represents an American subculture from the Cold War that is today understudied and often forgotten, but which was probably larger than many of the more accepted intellectual sub-cultures beloved of historians.

Stormer's book reflects this strong belief in conservative Christian values, and in the most panicked varieties of anti-Communism.

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In Stormer's narrative, Joseph McCarthy was not an opportunistic Senator making indiscriminate attacks on innocent people to further his own political survival; rather, he was a martyr to the defense of America, destroyed by a liberal press and political machine supported by financing from foreign powers. This is not to say, however, that his narrative is without any implications for civil rights.

He accuses school textbooks which decry the false patriotism of the Klan as being involved in the conspiracy to teach children to hate Americanism, and frequently links Civil Rights activism with Communist subversion. As a source, obviously, Stormer has to be taken with rather more than a grain of salt. Although he has arranged an impressive array of citations, most of these are from Congressional hearings organized for the purposes of gathering hearsay, and his extensive list of places in which the Soviet Union made inroads ignores US support for violent and often undemocratic anti-Communist regimes.

As we proceed into an unknown future, historians and analysts of current events would do well to remember that our worst fears sometimes turn out to be shadows of our own insecurities. View 1 comment. Nov 09, Geoffrey Rose rated it it was ok. Sep 12, Donald Trump Parody rated it it was amazing. Bad news, folks!

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The Abu Dhabi plan was a bust! Guess again!! What a disappointment. No loyalty, no nerve. My hands are tied, folks! But all I got is Pete and a cabinet full of backstabbers and dipsticks, like that hick Pompeo. Guy calls me up today, wants to talk about Iran or something.

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I told him go fuck a cow. Dec 19, Pat Schakelvoort rated it really liked it Shelves: coldwarhist. Oct 31, Rocky rated it it was amazing Shelves: read-want-to-read-again. This book is MILD compared to the treason that is going on now. The book is excellent and all of the chapters are interesting and applicable to all of our lives. The book discusses communism for real and strips away any illusions.

Most of the chapters create a further interest to delve deeply in to the problems. Reading more books on the subject, as well as searching great, politically incorrect websites, tapes, blogs, pamphlets, etc, will reveal that there This book is MILD compared to the treason that is going on now. Reading more books on the subject, as well as searching great, politically incorrect websites, tapes, blogs, pamphlets, etc, will reveal that there has been no freedom of the press since !

Among the good websites I have found is: jesus-is-savior. On this website, we learn that liberals have been demanding that we believe what is evil, untrue, mythological, anti-family, unpatriotic, internationalist and that we believe a united nations is good for mankind. We learn that left wingers are EVIL and serving satan.

Liberals try to close our mouths when we are guaranteed free speech by our U. We are told that the dictionary is not true and that their perversions are true.

Another chapter deals with education. We conclude that the PTA does no good. Leftists have an agenda and nothing deviates from the agenda. The public schools brainwash children and never expose the evils of the world. It is worse now with the lies of "climate change", "animal rights", environmental eco-terror and so on.

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Another chapter deals with economics. FDR was a vicious communist, and even admitted to having friends whom were communists. One knows a person by the people he associates with!

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He made it worse. About the only matters that Mr. Stormer did not know about was the Jesuits and the international bankers. The Jesuits control immigration. They never intended to commit treason by normalizing illegal immigrants, bandits, murderers, drug addicts, childnappers, drunkards and those who did not want to become Americans.

Also, the international bankers owned Woodrow Wilson. Our Constitution says "Congress shall have the power to coin money and regulate the value thereof".

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Our currency is to be backed by gold and silver. The bankers tried to destroy this all along. Oct 03, Crystal rated it it was amazing.