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Dominique Corti and Dr. Odong Emintone - Tuesday, May 4, - Toronto. Italian Cultural Institute in Washington. Nancy C. A lecture by Nancy C. Italian Cultural Institute in Montreal. He is interested in the influences of classic and antique Latin works on medieval Italian writers. Italian Cultural Institute in San Francisco.

Italian Pop Surrealism

Italian Cultural Institute in Chicago. Professor Giulianotti, a pioneer in robotic techniques, has already performed over minimally invasive surgeries, of them with robotic procedures. David Fisher - Wednesday, April 21, - Chicago. This event is organized by the Italian Cultural Institute in Chicago. Italian Cultural Institute in Los Angeles. The L. Martin Pendola, an Italian postdoctoral associate in Dr.

John Evans group at NYU College of Dentistry, is investigating a sea urchin protein involved in the formation of skeletal structures. In a paper published in Biochemistry last May, Dr. Pendola and co-author Dr.

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This work provides insight on how bone, teeth and other hard tissues are formed, and opens a door to design and engineer a new generation of materials for dentistry, medicine, and even agriculture and aerospace industry. This panel welcomes papers focusing on modernist women writers whose works engaged with the politics of the Fascist ventennio, particularly in regard to issues of gender. Please send a word abstract and a brief bio to larkine3 southernct.

To support our Annual Event please make a donation!

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Accommodation will be provided by ISA. Deadline is June 30, Student grants, curricula, programs and interventions are designed with focus on local needs but may provide a blueprint for similar interventions at the national level. Given the possibility of "Regional migration" to seek medical care, Lombardy, as marked in the WSJ article, is a most sought after destination while other regions pay the bills.

A number of protagonists and experts from health-related fields describe how Milano achieved its leading role, and also frame current challenges. The absence of a question mark from the title is seemingly deliberate, but there is work to be done to keep it that way. A Note to Readers by Roberto Satolli is here.

Schwarzenegger and Lombardia's President R. Schwarzenegger claimed that "in the absence of action from national and international governments, sub-national leaders must take strong steps without them. De Maio is author of more than 40 among books and articles. L'Accordo prevede che il sistema universitario presenti dei progetti di importo compreso tra The purpose of the conference is to strengthen and promote international collaboration among Italian and North American researchers. There will be particular focus on initiatives underway in biomedical science that contemplate collaboration between researchers in Italy, and particular in Lombardy, and researchers in North America.

A further purpose of the meeting is to present the initiative of the Ministry of Labor, Health, and Social Policies that seeks to create a network of Italian researchers abroad and to promote international collaboration, as well as the programs in this sector being undertaken by the region of Lombardy and by the University of Milan and the University of Milan-Bicocca. The Eagle Nebula as never seen before. In , the Hubble Space Telescope's 'Pillars of Creation' image of the Eagle Nebula became one of the most iconic images of the 20th century. Now, two of ESA's orbiting observatories have shed new light on this enigmatic star-forming region.

Eligible Candidates: students of any nationality with a degree in economics or finance from any European university within the geographical area of the Group, who wish to take PhD courses abroad. Applications can be made until October 31, and must be submitted on-line. The winners will be selected by the Scientific Committee of the Foundation and will be announced by December 31, Three scholarships to be awarded to the best graduates from all over Europe.

Applications can be submitted on line only until October 31, Applications can be submitted online only until October 31, The winner, selected by the Scientific Committee of the Foundation, will be announced by January 15, Click on the Map. We are sure it would be wonderful to have a strong participation of ARIO members. Scientists at the Temple University School of Medicine are inching closer to solving a long-standing mystery in sepsis.

The findings, reported online January 25, in the Journal of Clinical Investigation, provide new insights into molecular details underlying sepsis and its effects on the lungs. An italian researcher, Salvatore Mancarella, working at the Center for Translational Medicine, took part to the research.

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Francesco Turturro. All finalists are acknowledged with a Travel Award. A decade after its scattered introduction in many EU countries, with Italy playing a pioneering role, the Bologna Process appears plunged in crisis -- more so in Italy than in any other country. The initiative became a huge success with the participation of candidates in 30 days under 35 years old of age, as representation of all orders.

Here's the agenda:. Vice President CNI. Roberto Peccei. Federico Casalegno. Gianluca Galletti. Armando Zambrano. President CNI. In a study published in Neuro-Oncology, researchers at Mayo Clinic identify an important association between the naturally occurring enzyme Kallikrein 6, also known as KLK6, and the malignant tumors. An italian researcher, Caterina Giannini, working at the Mayo Clinic, Rochester, took part to the research.

Its focus will be the work and impact of Italian researchers worldwide. The book is a history of vaccines as well as "everything you wanted to know about vaccines," how vaccines are produced, what they are good for, why they are safe…. We welcome Filippo with enthusiasm and wish him the very best in his role.

The ability to manipulate quantum states by integrated devices may open new perspectives both for fundamental tests of quantum mechanics and for novel technological applications. Pay first, power and prestige second? ISSNAF Board of Trustees encourages all Italian early-stage researchers currently primarily working in the United States or Canada to submit their application and research abstract to compete for one of the following awards:.

Click here to download the Call for Applications in pdf format Click here to read more Go to Awards page.

Citizenship – Gianluca Solera

Our pride is to be able to help young Italian talents follow their dreams and have opportunities. Here is where they share them. La Dott. The meeting, held in English, is open to Italians, Italian-Americans, and Italian sympathizers For more information email seattle iss The competition, aimed to encourage the creation of innovative business ideas, is a unique opportunity to transform creativity into business and is giving away for the winners 5 internship at "Mind the B The discussion will highlight different research experiences of Italian scientists in North America and promote future collaborations between medic Guest speakers: Mark Nassutti, novelist, will talk about how his Italian roots made possible to write a no Approximately people gathered to listen to our amazing speakers and the event was truly a success.

Italian TV news video. Italian news audio. RISeT intends to enhance the activity of Scientific researchers and of the expert working abroad inside the scientific, academic and entrepreneurial italian system. Access from here Register. Find out who works in your area of expertise or geographic area.

Long and short term mentorships aimed at supporting under ISSNAF affiliates in their career choices and professional growth. Send us your texts, videos or podcasts to: publish issnaf. Follow us on Twitter.

Feed RSS. A comprehensive overview on Italian intellectual migration, from its origins in the 16th century until this day. An encyclopedia studying the influence and contribution of Italians on cultural life in the United States and Canada. Powered by World Net. Click here to read the full presentation. Access Database Forgot Username Password? Read More. Regione Campania. There is NO U. Requirements: untenured, tenure-track assistant or associate professor at a U. Preapplications -- mandatory -- are due on August 13, , and proposals on November 9, Only those applicants that receive notification from DOE encouraging a formal application may submit full applications.

Italia chiama Usa: scienziati "Insieme per la ricerca" ,by P. Bianucci, La Stampa, September 14th.

Confronto tra Giuliano Amato e Giulio Tremonti

Corrado Clini. Federico Casalegno, Ph. Regarding Darwin ism. Below you find his qualifications and candidate statement. IEEE is uniquely positioned as a global leader in science, technology, and innovation. We should ensure that IEEE continues to be the premier reference in our field and further grow as a driver of innovation, timely identifying emerging needs and opportunities.